The Tiamat Collective exists to help its members, and though we don’t abide by a strict hierarchy, there are five “Heads” that help to manage the particulars of its affairs, and coordinate with each other to find the best candidates for the offers that arrive. Each Head has an area of specialization, but there is more than a little overlap between them. Additionally, each are available for contracts: if there is one that you would like to request to work with specifically, please don’t be afraid to ask.


Annie VanderMeer - BLUE

Specialties: Game Design (Content, Narrative), Writing (Genre Fiction), Editing, Voice Acting (Writing and Performance)
Based In: Seattle, Washington, USA (Pacific Standard Time)

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Annie graduated from Macalester College in 2003 with a BA in English Literature, with a focus on genre fiction (specifically sci-fi and fantasy, which she is still kind of amazed that anyone let her do). After moving out to Irvine, California, she clawed her way into the gaming industry a year later as a "business writer" for a small indie company, and quickly worked her way into every department that didn't have a good lock on the door: helping with sound design, testing systems, and eventually writing all the dialogue. 

In 2008, she moved up to Seattle, and helped found the indie game company DoubleBear, as well as working at ArenaNet and Bungie. From 2014-2018 she went indie full-time, helping ship Dead State (and its "Reanimated" update) and leading the PANIC at Multiverse High! team, as well as doing occasional table-top and collectible card game work for Fantasy Flight Games. In 2018 she joined System Era, shipping the sandbox exploration game Astroneer, and in 2019 she rejoined ArenaNet, as well as founding the Tiamat Collective.

Annie deeply enjoys collaborating with teams of all sizes on projects of all scopes, from small indie to AAA, and has experience in nearly every area of game design. She has a great deal of experience in multiple styles and varieties of writing - cutscenes, branching dialogue, bulk fiction, item descriptions, etc - and in scripting for voice actors. She takes pride in encouraging her teammates, bringing virtual worlds to life, and telling really geeky jokes.

Lauren Stone - RED

Specialties: Narrative Design, Voice Direction, Production, Voice Acting (Writing and Performance) Writing, Editing
Based In: Malmo, Sweden (Central European Time)

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Lauren got her start in video games as the voice of Lily and Becca in State of Decay. She holds a BA in English: Creative Writing Emphasis, Theater minor from California State University Long Beach.

In 2013, she moved to Montreal and worked as a theater producer, playwright and comedian. In 2015, she decided to stop being poor and got an 8 week contract writing barks for Rainbow Six: Siege, at the end of her first week they asked her to stay for an extra three months. After 3 months, she became the sole writer on the project, bringing the project from Alpha to shipping.

While at Ubi Montreal she also supported FarCry 5 and Eagle Flight while running the first year of DLC content for Siege.

Lauren has been a full time writer at Massive Entertainment: A Ubisoft Company since May 2016. She worked on post launch content for The Division and has been a full time writer on The Division 2 from inception to ship to DLC and live.

She has extensive experience fostering young talent as a teacher and mentor and prides herself on building teams that support one another, by utilizing individuals strengths, finding ways to help them grow with clear and constructive feedback and breaking down the silo.


Michelle Juett - BLACK

Specialties: Art (2D, Concept, Consultation), Business Development
Based In: Seattle, Washington, USA (Pacific Standard Time)


(To Be Announced) - GREEN



(To Be Announced) - WHITE