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We are a collection of creatives – artists, writers, designers, etc. – who have banded together to seek out and create great work, and support each other while we’re at it. Once separate freelancers, now connected. We will respond to what you’re looking for and recommend one (or more) of our talented members whom we think will be the best fit for you, and have others at the ready for contact if your needs demand. And if you have a separate arrangement with one of our members outside of our arrangement, that’s cool too: we can be a valuable resource for them as well as for you.


We specialize in the medium of video games, but we are not limited to it: our members have extensive experience in theater, voice acting, comics, fiction writing, copy editing, and multiple different flavors of consulting. We have multiple projects that we are involved in with companies outside of the Collective, and are very often collaborating with each other within it on stuff we think is super cool.


Simply submit a request to us via our site where you explain the particulars of the project and your needs, and we will see if we can help out. If we are able to, we will give you our recommendations for a candidate or candidates, and connect you with them. If a contract is agreed upon, the Collective will charge a standard coordination (finder’s) fee of 10% - payable at the end of the contract, and a guarantee that if the original contractor is for any reason unable to complete the project, that we will do our best to find another to complete it.

(Please, serious inquiries only. None of the members of the Collective need or want to work for “exposure.”)


All members are initially evaluated by the Heads of the Collective, and are expected to have high standards of coordination and communication, as well as their own necessary promotional materials, such as LinkedIn pages, portfolios, and websites. If we like what we see, please let us know what kind of projects you’d enjoy working on, and we’ll be in close contact with you. Additionally, you will be able to coordinate with the other members of the Collective and take advantage of their knowledge and experience, and perhaps even become a mentor or mentee of another member.


Hold up now – we’re currently waiting to get the basics of the Collective squared away before we accept new members, but we will assuredly get the word out when this changes. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list (send a mail to with the subject line "Joining Mailing List"), and we’ll reach out when we’re ready to see your submissions.

If you’re looking to present a project to the Collective, please do reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Though our numbers might be smaller at the moment, we are no less creative and capable.

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